Resilience Building for Livestock Farmers

Tharaka is an ASAL part of Tharaka Nithi county which normally experiences drought between months of June and September. During this time, the livelihoods of many households are at risk of being lost through deaths of livestock occasioned by shortage of pasture and water.

Additionally, prices of livestock drop significantly due to poor body condition caused by pasture shortages. The area has enough pastures during the rainy season but they go to waste due to lack of knowledge on its preservation and conservation.

To address this, KENDAT partnered with donkey owner groups to construct community fodder banks that will ensure provision during the drought periods.

Four community fodder banks have been constructed on cost sharing basis at Kathangachini, Kamarandi, Gatunga and Kamanyeki. The first stock for the fodder bank has been provided by the organization and the respective groups have continued to restock. To ensure sustainability of the project the farmers have been trained on fodder production, processing and preservation and linked with the county government for supply of fodder seeds. The fodder banks also provide extra income to the groups through the sale of surplus.