Policy & Legislation


Policy and decision makers at local, regional and international levels devote time/budget/projects/legislation for the improvement of equine welfare – Influencing policy and decision makers at local and national levels to commit resources towards a policy and legislative environment that is favourable and supportive of improved animal welfare.

Community influencers:

Service beneficiaries, school children and teachers, and media are the key influencers that Heshimu Punda will equip with the necessary information on donkey welfare and influence them to take action in donkey welfare improvement. Community influencers will inform the public and hold donkey owners and users accountable for the welfare of their donkeys.

Policy makers and implementers:

They will be trained on donkey welfare in a bid to ensuring that they have adequate information and knowledge necessitating formulation and implementation of the right by-laws supportive of donkey welfare. Heshimu Punda will create or take advantage of existing county forums to lobby for the entrenchment of donkey welfare in the county agenda and ensuring different stakeholders in the county understands and committed to their role and mandate with regard to donkey welfare improvement. The actors will have a good understanding of donkey welfare and take action to formulate and enforce the relevant laws.


  • Government veterinary department which coordinates vet services.
  • Professional associations and partnership forums such as Animal Welfare Action Kenya (AWAKE) and Kenya Veterinary Association where national issues touching on animal welfare are discussed and experiences shared


  • Involvement of influential partners
  • Participation in professional forums
  • Lobbying for supportive initiatives and activities at local and national levels
  • Biannual joint progress partnership meetings & workshops.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Biannual joint progress review meetings and workshops with partners to gauge the level of progress on agreed work plans. Tools such as influence matrix, Venn diagram/ institutional service matrix will be used.

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