Policy & Advocacy

KENDAT works with the relevant government authorities and departments at the County levels to put in place a policy and legislative environment that supports animal welfare.

This is achieved through a stakeholder engagement process, reviewing existing policies and laws and embarking on formulating new laws and policies where they don’t exist. KENDAT also participates in the national dialogue on policy and legislation with a view to making her contribution towards formulation and enactment of good laws and policies relevant to current and emerging animal welfare and agricultural issues as well as their enforcement.

KENDAT was at the forefront in ensuring that:

  1. Donkeys were included in the 2009 Livestock Census. Prior to this, donkeys had not been counted during the national population census due to the belief that they were not production animals and did not contribute to the agricultural value chain, which was wrong. Currently, donkeys are included in the census and are gaining interest in terms of their contribution to various agricultural value chains
  2. A day is set aside to celebrate and recognize the contribution of donkeys to the livelihoods of the donkey owning communities as well as increase attention to the care of donkeys by the society. The annual celebration held every 17th day of May has set themes which raise awareness on specific donkey welfare issues and enhance the importance of donkeys as working animals in the society.
  3. Policy implementers like Administrators (Chiefs) and The Kenya Police are more involved in donkey welfare. KENDAT has sensitized them on animal welfare and the existing laws which safeguard it. These implementers have been involved in sensitizing the public and prosecuting those abusing donkeys