LSP Change Story – Jane

Jane deworming a donkey

When Jane completed her college studies she never thought she will find herself treating donkeys in her practice.

But as fate would have it, she found herself in the middle of donkeys where they are used in day to day activities of fetching water and transporting rice from rice fields to stores and mills in Mwea.

Being the strong woman she is and following the oath she took to prevent pain and suffering in animals, Jane never turned down farmers’ request to attend to donkey cases.

Though she lacked the confidence and knowledge in handling and restraint of donkeys she tried her best to ensure they are well taken care of.

Thanks to the strong relationship between KENDAT vets and local animal health professionals on the ground that took Jane into the mentorship programme.

She was taken through donkey handling, restraint and also various aspects of equine medicine. Currently she is the preferred LSP in Mwea in managing cases of donkeys because of her confidence and expertise that she has gained from the mentorship.

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